massage pour bebe, 3 cours


Baby Massage Course for Parent & Baby

A Massage that encourages a stronger bond and relationship between parent&baby


For babies 0-12 months. 3 classes that teach you how to massage baby for a stronger relationship and deeper bond with baby. The course is 3 classes as it follows a progression teaching parents how to massage at home. Both parents are invited to participate, only one registration is required.

Class taking place during nap time or when baby is having a bad day making them unavailable for a massage?
No worries, attending class is still beneficial for parents as you can take home lessons learned for a time that is more convenient for baby.

Strengthen your bond with baby and encourage baby to have increased confidence and a greater sense of security. Communicate and understand your baby better. Take a moment & enjoy this special time… they grow so quickly 💕 A great gift to yourself and baby or for the new parent in your life.

A beautiful moment I get to have daily with my baby

A daily massage with my toddler helps us keep a steady bedtime routine

Massage helps me feel closer to my baby  

My baby loves her daily massage!

My baby & I both look forward to our massage time everyday!

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