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Optimize your health and weight loss goals at très studio barre by working with our registered dietitians. 

Nutrition is more than simply calories in versus calories out. The amount, timing and balance of food also play a role in your health and weight loss efforts. A registered dietitian can help you find out what is holding YOU back from your weight loss and fitness goals and help you to find strategies to overcome your barriers to healthy and successful eating.

Nutrition services available at très:

Consultation & followup: work together with one of our registered dietitians to optimize your health and weight loss based on your lifestyle and individual needs.

Genetic testing with Nutrigenomix: Eat according to your genes! With a simple saliva sample, comprehensive genetic testing of 45 genetic markers will provide you with personalized recommendations based on your genetic profile. Book your genetic screening with Brittnee today & start eating according to your genetic profile!


Alana Battiston, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RdN)

Alana  is an integrative nutritionist & yoga teacher, fascinated by the inner workings of the body, mind, & soul.  In the past, Alana struggled with severe digestive problems and other health issues.  Through nutrition, yoga and other holistic modalities, she has learned to hold the concept of health in a broader way & is now thriving.  She is passionate about helping others on their unique wellness path by addressing the whole person & helping them break through patterns, resistance, & limitations. When she isn’t immersed in nutrition & yoga, you can usually find Alana exploring on her bike, cooking up a storm, or making handcrafted soap. Book a consultation with Alana to achieve your healthy eating, nutrition and weight loss goals.




Brittnee Zwicker, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (Rd)

Holding a Masters degree in Human Nutrition, Brittnee is also a Registered Dietitian working at the Montreal General Hospital. Her approach with countless individuals is to use cutting edge science wth the latest evidence based practices to achieve their health goals. Brittnee was drawn to the field of Nutrition by a love of science, and a passion for food, health and wellness. Book a consultation with Brittnee for Nutrigenomix genetic testing, and/or to achieve your healthy eating, nutrition and weight loss goals.

Book your first consultation with Brittnee or Alana online with mindbody, by email or in studio at reception. 



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