For Pregnant Women & Mommies with their babies

Wednesdays & Fridays, 10am-10:40am
Mommy can participate in all mommy&baby and regular classes with any regular package



B&W mommybabyThis is MOMMY&BABY time. 40 minutes. The BarreMommy workout created by owner and Kinesiologist Kara. A portion of the class is dedicated for mom to break a sweat at the barre while baby comfortably participates close to mom in a baby carrier/ support.Following the barre portion of the class, floor work with a special focus on bonding between mommy & baby creates a positive experience for both

Baby’s age: It is not recommended for mom to workout until 6 weeks postnatal & cleared by a physician. Some mom’s prefer to wait until baby has had their first vaccines.

*Expecting moms are also invited to participate in our Parent-baby class as exercises are appropriate for both prenatal & postnatal moms.
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PRIVATE TRAINING (baby is invited) with Kara, specializing in pre & post natal fitness

Feeling like yourself again is tough after pregnancy. Let us help!

*10% off private sessions for clients who are members.

This is MOMMY time.
 Private sessions are based on your needs. Sessions will follow a magical combo of barre, yoga, pilates, strength training, flexibility and pelvic floor rehab. Kara, a new mommy herself and certified kinesiologist and  pilates, yoga and barre instructor has created this gold-standard class for optimal fitness results. Baby watches from the comfort of a baby seat or on an exercise mat while mom works out. This lets mom commit to a workout routine with the flexibility to tend to baby when he/she needs (feed/change/comfort) with someone who understands the specific needs of postnatal moms.  Mom is welcome to come alone or with baby.
Baby’s Age: All ages welcome!
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