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Lifestyle Coaching & Personal Training

Train with an instructor or kinesiologist to achieve your health and fitness goals!

Très studio barre offers private and semi-private  sessions for barre, balletbarre, essentrics, barre au sol, tabata, strength and conditioning, and pilates. Frequency is the key to success! We offer private packages of 60 minutes and 30 minutes to help you achieve your goals and maintain your fitness routine.

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Become energized, lose weight, and achieve your health, fitness, performance, and personal development goals with us. Become empowered to improve eating habits, be physically active, reduce stress, and achieve balance while accommodating your lifestyle, your likes and your needs.

Fitness, weight loss and well-being are not about fade diets or restrictive regimes: they’re about balance, healthy eating, stress management and physically activity.

Our fitness studio’s owner and certified Kinesiologist (FKQ), Kara, combines her background in kinesiology, training specialities and personal experiences as an athlete and fitness enthusiast to help create a personalized plan for your fitness, weight loss, lifestyle and health goals.

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Sport & Performance Consulting

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Improve performance and surpass your fitness goals with performance consulting and personal training from certified kinesiolgist (FKQ) Kara Egelton in Montreal, Quebec. Kara’s expertise related to wellness, lifestyle, and sport performance is perfect for individuals, groups, teams and businesses.

Achieve the performance edge through mental training techniques. Kara uses pratical research-based techniques to help athletes and teams improve their performance. Confidence, playing under pressure, motivation, stress management, team building, and leadership are common themes targeted for individual and team performance improvement.

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