Très cozy is found at Très Studio Barre. A place to stop, take a breath, relax and chat with other women over a glass of wine or a cozy coffee.

Together, Kara Egelton, owner and founder of Très Studio Barre and  BarreMommy and Angelique Gay, writer and founder of the the cozy sweater café have created très cozy, a community for support and inspiration with the purpose of helping you live your healthiest, happiest and most beautiful life.

Très cozy offers happiness consulting, wellness workshops & retreats and lifestyle coaching. Feeling like something in your life needs to change? Let us help you find out what and how to find your wings so that you can fly.


Thursday, February 1st, 2018  – Ladies’ Night For The Soul 

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018  – Ladies’ Night For The Soul 

Ladies' night for the soul

How will you spend your time in 2018?
Where are you on your wellness journey?
What actions will you take to accomplish your intentions for 2018?

Chat, get inspired & make new friends over a glass of wine and a guided discussion.
Join Kara Egelton & Angelique Gay on Thursday February 1st or Thursday February 22nd as they host another Ladies Night for the Soul.





How do I prepare?
Just bring your open and awesome self.

45$* for one
80$* for two (save 10$ if you bring a friend)
An insurance receipt for kinesiology available
Wine included.
For tickets:
Tickets are 45$ in advance or 50$ at the door. 80$ for two tickets so bring a friend!

Tickets include wine.

Snacks, cocktails and coffee or tea available for purchase.

Tickets are non-refundable.